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Water | Tetra Pak

Water in a Tetra Pak - the all-rounder for refreshing marketing! Its unique composition makes it ideal for a refreshing advertising presence at trade fairs, incentives, conferences or outdoor events. Naturally fresh water from regional bottling with a balanced composition, neutral in flavour. Still without carbon dioxide.

Made with paper from controlled ecological and sustainably managed forestry, the Tetra Pak carton is very recyclable. The aluminium content in the pack has been reduced to less than 3%. The white screw cap is produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way without plastic based on sugar cane: this is guaranteed by the Bonsucro certification. The new shape is softer and makes for a very pleasant drinking sensation. The slightly slanted top means that no drink residue remains in the pack. The full-surface print impresses and attracts attention. The ideal, low-priced give-away for promotional campaigns, trade fair appearances or large events: 500 ml, guaranteed deposit-free and with a shelf life of 24 months!

Lid made from sugar cane

Modern formulation with high-quality raw materials:

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  • Free of allergens
  • Free of artificial aroma
  • Free of artificial colours
  • Free of artificial sweetener
  • Gelatine free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Still

Conformity & Certificates

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Made in Germany


EU Basic Food Regulation

Production according to GMP guidelines

Choose a packaging:

Tetra Pak Edge
Ideal for major events

The deposit-free and inexpensive give-away for promotional campaigns, trade fair appearances or major events.

Plastic-free drinking cap

The soft shape ensures a very pleasant drinking experience. Due to the slightly slanted top, no beverage residue remains in the pack.

Light and safe

A Tetra Pak carton is significantly lighter than reusable drinks. There is no risk of breakage or injury.

We use cardboard boxes from guaranteed ecological and sustainably managed forestry and seal them plastic-free with brown paper tape.

The lid is firmly attached to the Tetra Pak and can therefore be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

The Original Tetra Pak® carton is made from 75% renewable raw materials. Aluminium content less than 3%.

Simple recycling process: The paper fibres are separated from the plastic by water and mechanical movement.

Plastic-free closure made from sustainable sugar cane, produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. (Bonsucro-certified).

Choose a decoration:

Full-surface printing on the beverage carton
Direct printing on the TetraPak
Full-surface printing on the beverage carton
Printing Colours
4c (CMYK)
Print Method
Flexo Printing (48 lpc / 122 lpi)
Print Area
221 x 144 mm

Water | Tetra Pak