Vegan 100% of daily vitamin intake Low calorie FSC certfied cardboard

Fizzy Tablets (Multivitamin)

The orange-flavoured fizzy tablets effectively cover the daily requirement of 10 important vitamins. The specially developed formula enables rapid vitamin absorption and contains no sugar or artificial colourings, is low in calories, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. The tubes of 10 tablets are perfect for preventative health campaigns or as part of an employee programme.

10 tablets per tube
Sugar free
With 10 Vitamins

Modern formulation with high-quality raw materials:

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  • Free of allergens
  • Free of artificial colours
  • Gelatine free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Sugar free
  • Low calorie
  • 10 Vitamins
  • B1 Thiamine | B12 cobalamin | B2 Riboflavin | B3 Niacin | B5 pantothenic acid | B6 pyridoxine | B7 Biotin | B9 Folic acid | Vitamin C | Vitamin E

Conformity & Certificates

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Made in Germany

EU Basic Food Regulation

EU Regulation on Food Supplements

IFS certified filling

  • BVL notification included

Choose a packaging:

Tube with 10 tablets
Safely packed

The hygroscopic capsule in the lid absorbs the moisture in the air and prevents loss of quality. The tablets remain dry and their shelf life is extended.

10 pieces per tube

For an advertising effect with long-term impact


1 tablet covers 100% of the daily requirement of 10 vitamins:

We use cardboard boxes from guaranteed ecological and sustainably managed forestry and seal them plastic-free with brown paper tape.

Choose a decoration:

All-round white label with semi-gloss finish.
Body Label

Label in the straight section of the tube

White label

Opaque white label material for the best possible colour consistency


With high-gloss surface finish

Body Label
All-round white label with semi-gloss finish.
Printing Colours
4c (CMYK)
Print Method
Digital Offset
Print Area
69 x 90 mm

Fizzy Tablets (Multivitamin)